Entrepreneurs: Get more done with Virtual Support

As an entrepreneur, you’ve likely had to service every area of your business independently. Tasks associated with operations, sales, customer service, administration, even IT to finance, can require your attention in a single work week (or in some cases one day). You’re likely very business and tech savvy. Able to produce and roll with what comes your way. The point is, you’ve likely had to wear any “number of hats” and jump into several roles, just to get things done for your company and maintain a professional presence.

You’re learning the ins and outs, becoming a master of understanding the needs and tasks required for your business to move forward. You’ve been marketing, understanding social media, meeting prospects and working on light customer deliverables.  But are you truly able to provide the much needed diligence associated with each task for all areas of your business? Not only is the consistency important, but the focus and quality that’s demanded of each task can be a challenge, when you’re time is stretched so very thin.

This is very common for entrepreneurs and even the very best, can find it to be absolutely exhausting. The bigger challenge presents itself when your business makes a giant turn in the right direction.  What happens when your business really takes off? You’ve had a successful campaign realize that your business is now making a big shift – the shift you were hoping for… and then what?

What happens when your business really takes off?” You’ve had a successful campaign realize that your business is now making a big shift – the shift you were hoping for… and then what?

Can it happen in a week? Yes! Can it happen overnight? Yes! If you’ve built a great service or product, why wouldnt it?!

How do you work through the incremental growth that you were hoping for (that’s now a reality) without damaging your brand & keeping your sanity?

While being a business master can be necessary in the early stages of your business, as time will tell, when your ‘stretched too far’ it shows. Understand your business strengths, and your business weaknesses. It doesn’t matter how much of a Guru you are, nor how automated and savvy your business is. You will naturally gravitate to tasks that are associated with your strengths, versus your weaknesses. It can be quite damaging to the quality of work you do, as all tasks associated for your business can turn into a huge rush. Don’t allow your business tasks to become a rushed flurry just so they get done. Nor should you bulldoze your way through customer service, and planning, or marketing just to cross them off your daily to do list. Why would you want to limit, hinder or sabotage the relationships you’re cultivating?  Why would you create a roadblock for your customers, or stop them from receiving the great customer service they need to have a fabulous experience?

How do you take great care of your clients, prospects, business tasks and planning?  …. Did we even mention your social life?

Easy, by working with an experienced virtual support partner. Delegate the areas of your business you need support in, which will allow you to have more time to get back to areas that really need your personal attention and decision making.

At Virtual TaskTEAM we provide solution based services that directly support the overall health of a growing / developing business. Our solutions are administrative, and operationally based which you can harness at will and on demand, through establishing a robust unlimited task list that’s unique to the needs of your business. At a fraction of the cost of full assistant, you’ll see why small and large businesses are using, saving and doing more with virtual online support. Virtual TaskTEAM services as a strategic partner for businesses small and large that need to get things done, without all the red tape, overcharges and redundancies. We’re local (Canada & USA), and our team of professionals have years of experience in Administrative Assistance, Marketing, Social Media Management, WordPress, Writing, Customer Service and Business Analysis.

Through delegation, we can tackle your daily to do’s, freeing your time and allowing you to get back to other areas that really need your personal touch and focus.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Select your plan
  2. Meet your Project Manager
  3. Get things done!

At Virtual TaskTEAM we know that getting access to services that work, is just not enough. As a service provider our goal is to provide exemplary premium support to your needs in a way that gives you the savings and qualitative work you need. That’s why we make our plans flexible, in local currency (CAD) and go further to ensure that you can delegate unlimited tasks & get more done for less!

Virtual TaskTEAM | Based: Toronto, Canada | S: www.Virtualtaskteam.com | Global Service Provider | E: Info@Virtualtaskteam.com | P: 416-953-3387 | Twitter | LinkedIn


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